About us

We are community of responsible citizens who profess and embody the values of the Ukrainian Reformation.

The main goal of the Reformation is to solve the problems of Ukrainian society such as degradation of public morality and decrease of education and professional capacity.



Transform Ukrainian society to powerful Ukrainian State, which has the ability to effectively coexist with the globalized world.




An effective and highly educated society, which is capable of develop an economically powerful, safe, legal and comfortable for living Ukrainian state of opportunities.



  • The Ukrainian state, which is the sole guarantor of the protection and comprehensive development of the Ukrainian nation
  • Patriotism
  • Personal freedom is balanced by awareness of personal responsibility
  • Privacy and inviolability of personal space
  • Equality before the law
  • The sanctity and inviolability of ownership of any form and its disposal
  • Effective state
  • Morality, education, professionalism, economic independence, modernity, productivity and auspiciousness
  • Sacrifice and volunteering
  • Ability to self-restraint in consumption, environmental friendliness


  • to create the future elite of Ukraine (political, scientific, economic, military)
  • to initiate educational startups
  • to influence educational reforms in state authorities through scientific and educational projects
  • to form a cult of volunteering
  • contribute to the creation of an efficient and responsible business environment
  • to work with the diaspora to channel its resources into a constructive channel
  • form new archetypes of social morality and business ethics
  • defeat the oligarchic system
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