Thor's field transfusion course is available in Ukrainian!

Thor's field transfusion course is available in Ukrainian!
We have important news!
THOR - training course on whole blood transfusion in field conditions is now available in Ukrainian!
The Ukrainian version of the course was created with the help of the team - Ukrainian Reformation Community, AUMF - American Ukrainian Medical Foundation and the All-Ukrainian Resuscitation Council.

Why is the THOR course so special?

According to the Ministry of Health, 60% of deaths on the battlefield occur due to blood loss. Transfusion of blood at stabilization points or even in the field significantly reduces this percentage.
Resolution No. 681 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated June 30, 2023 allowed blood transfusions for medical workers and military personnel with medical education who have completed relevant training courses.

THOR stands for Trauma Hemostasis & Oxygenation Research Network. The goal of THOR is to develop and implement the best practices for providing prehospital care, particularly during the critical phase of hemorrhagic shock.
The blood transfusion course developed by THOR is an international standard and is now available to train Ukrainian combat medics.
More about the course:
The materials are posted on
On behalf of the team, we thank the THOR network for creating the course and for the permission to translate it into Ukrainian! We believe that our joint work will help combat medics save even more lives.

Together to victory!
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