The ethos of a warrior is the credo of the Territorial Defense Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are the youngest branch of the Ukrainian army, which was formed from volunteers. People of different ages, professions and worldviews were united by one thing - the desire to resist the occupier and protect their native home. Today, the territorial defense forces are not only a reliable support for the entire Ukrainian Army. This is a community of warriors with its own history, values, traditions, and victories. This is a new generation of Ukrainian defenders, ready at any moment to resist, counterattack and take revenge on the occupier.


Collection "Ready to resist!" is the military Ethos of the Forces for territorial defense. It is designed to be an assistant for every soldier of the Territorial Defense Forces and should be in everyone's pocket.

So the ambitious intentions are to print a circulation of 130,000 copies. At the moment, at the request of the Territorial Defense Training Center, we are collecting funds for the first 10,000 books.

These books will not be available for ordering, because the entire circulation will be transferred to the Training Center for distribution among territorial defense fighters.




78 000




Total sum 78 000 ₴

By the end of the collection left 107 days
Books for the library on Shevchenko, Kamianske
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Instruction "On firing and fire control of ground artillery (division, platoon, gun)"
Настанова “Зі стрільби і управління вогнем наземної артилерії (дивізіон, батарея, взвод, гармата)”...
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Notepad of the mortar commander
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