Combat and operational behavioral health Vol. 1. Vol. 2

"Combat and operational behavioral health" - is a book, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate in modern realities.

This expanded edition includes information on all aspects of military mental health. The publication will be useful for military doctors and psychiatrists, teachers and students of medical and law faculties. The book contains articles by military doctors, scientists, and social workers that outline in detail all aspects of mental health care for servicemen in combat and in the post-combat adaptive period. We believe that "Mental health protection in war" will be useful for doctors who help military and civilian citizens to overcome the consequences of war.

We are currently collecting funds to reprint the book in a print run of 1,000 copies of each volume. The amount to be collected is UAH 736,000.

The publication is not for sale, only for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

You can make a donation for any amount over UAH 100 here, or you can pay using the following details:

Receiver code: 43252034 
IBAN Code: UA453052990000026001045017157
Name of the bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"
Currency accounts:
€ UA583052990000026002015008678
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Purpose: Combat and operational behavioral health




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Total sum 495 200 ₴

The collection is complete
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