Collection of funds for publishing a "Light Infantry Tactics: For Small Teams"

The russian-Ukrainian war is not a war for territory. This is a war for the existence of the Ukrainian nation. Victory will be ours! Many of our defenders are in the war for the first time and need basic tactical knowledge. Our Format and NGO Reformation are starting to collect funds for printing and printing of the guide book "Light Infantry Tactics: For Small Teams" by Christopher E. Larsen.

We collected funds for the first 3,000 copies of the book for our defenders. The book was published in June 2022.

The publication is not for sale, only for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Tactical manual for commanders and fighters of very small groups - from 3 to 30 people.

The author talks about camouflage, signal gestures, infantry maneuvers, orientation on land, marching techniques, passing through danger zones, getting out of an ambush and much more.

The book will help both novices and experienced military personnel to improve the effectiveness and coherence of the teamwork of units conducting combat operations without the support of BMP, aviation or artillery fire.

Larsen's manual is written according to NATO standards and is considered one of the best such manuals in the world. The Ukrainian translation is adapted to Ukrainian realities.




300 650


Total sum 300 000 ₴

The collection is complete
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