Владислав Кириченко

Founder of the publishing house "Nash Format", public figure.

"When I created Nash Format 15 years ago, I had a clear vision of the future of the brand and its development strategy. I wanted to change the stereotypes of consciousness and social behavior of the Ukrainian people, which stood on the way of our nation modernity, education, strongness and effectiveness for centuries. I developed the future brand as a company that will make Ukraine modern, fashionable and prestigious. We held festivals, youth camps, produced Ukrainian collectives, printed patriotic posters, recorded audio books and were the first to open offline and online stores of Ukrainian books, symbols and music. We launched the "Kuzny Unizh" youth space - a unique project for our society that combined volunteerism, coaching, patriotism and creativity. It was in this paradigm that I saw the future of Nash Format, and for 8 years now we have been moving, although not without mistakes and facsimile messages, in the direction set by the founder of the company, that is, me. I have always had a huge pile of ideas, projects and startups: from various industrial, social, scientific, public projects to distribution and engineering, and only one life"

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