"Unizh" is a center of Ukrainian formats and youth movement, a venue for festivals, children's and youth sports and patriotic camps
About Unizh

The first mention of the village 1448 year, which mentions the Vynizh ataman Lupko.

At the Piotrków Sejm on February 6, 1533, a Polish nobleman Jakub Potocki received from King Sigismund I the Old the village of Unizh «in fedum» in the Galician land Russian Voivodeship.

In 1599, after the division of the family property, Stefan Potocki — Jakub Potocki's youngest son became the owner of Unizh.

The owner of the village was also the Kaniv starosta Mykola Vasyl Pototskyi. November 8, 1764 ві Lviv he gave the village to one of his relatives, Ignatius Potocki, the headman of Hlynyany (died 1765) or Vincent Potocki (died 1789).

At the time of publication of the article about the village in «Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego i innych krajów słowiańskich» it belonged to the Buchach district.

Since 2008, the village has become known for hosting all-Ukrainian festivals.

The venue of the festivals is the territory of the former collective farm, which is now called Unizh Kuznitsa. The founder of the forge is a public figure and entrepreneur Vladislav Kirichenko.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best way to get to the location?

    It is convenient to go to Unizh from Ivano-Frankivsk or Ternopil.

  • Is there mobile communication and internet in Unizh?

    Yes, there is mobile communication and wifi in Unizh.

    But it is better to focus on wifi :)

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"About Unizh" - "Our faces"
"Unizh" is the center of the Ukrainian formality, youth movement, a venue for festivals, children's and youth sports and patriotic camps. This is the territory of the former collective farm with the remains of farm buildings, among which volunteers created a library, a sports hall, a cinema hall, a campus, a farm, a vegetable garden, take care of the gardens and planted vineyards on the slopes of the Dniester. The purpose of "Unizhu" activity is the cultural and intellectual education of the young generation. The center promotes the development of volunteer activities, patriotism, and carries out cultural education of the residents of Ukraine. Discussions and interest clubs, music festivals, creative workshops, children's camps, other Ukrainian projects are implemented here.
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