Books for the army

Dear friends,

NGO "Reformation" together with the publishing house "Nash Format" distributes books for the army for free - statutes, manuals, methodological literature and a wide list of modern publications. Thanks to the contributions of our benefactors we are able to provide the military with intellectual weapons. We invite you to join us! You can support the publishing by following this link.

To receive statutes and manuals for the military, you have to fill out the form below.

  1. You can choose the required number of copies, instead we will ask you to sign the Act of acceptance and transfer of books which confirms that we transferred the books to you for free. You can familiarize yourself with the act here.
  2. The act can be signed on behalf of any non-profit organization - state institution, military unit, hospital, charitable foundation, public organization, etc.
  3. The importance of the act is due to the fact that we, as a non-profit public organization, must have documentary confirmation about all our transfers. Thanks to this document circulation, we will be able to supply army with books.

If you want to equip your military unit with modern literature, or help us financially, follow the link to the page of the "Army Reads" program.

You will learn more about our projects on the Nash Format and Reformation community websites.

If you are a civilian doctor who needs an ATLS, please fill out the electronic form on the website GMKA.
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