• How to order books?

    To order books, please fill out the form below. You need to specify the name and surname of the recipient, phone number, military unit number or the full legal name of another military institution for which the books are ordered. Then choose the delivery method - pickup from the warehouse or sending by Nova Poshta.

  • I want to order books for my personal use, not for the unit's library. Is this possible?

    Currently, books can only be ordered against an Acceptance Certificate. This is a document that confirms that a unit (regiment, battalion, brigade, medical unit, NGO, military hospital, or educational institution) has received literature from us free of charge.

  • I can't sign the Act on behalf of the military unit. What should I do?

    Any non-profit institution can sign the Act: a utility company, a military unit, or a non-governmental organization. If you have a friendly NGO that can accept the books for transfer to the unit and sign the documents, this option will be optimal.

  • I don't have a friendly NGO. What should I do?

    Currently, we transfer paper copies of books only under the Acceptance Certificate. If you are unable to sign the documents, you can download electronic copies here.

  • What details should be provided for the Acceptance Certificate?

    We need:

    • military unit number or full legal name of the institution;
    • EDRPOU code;
    • current account, if possible;
    • legal address, if possible;
    • name, position and title of the signatory.

    The act must also have a wet seal with the EDRPOU code.

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