Tactical Combat Casualty Care

As a result of cooperation between the Reformation NGO, AUMF, and the All-Ukrainian Council of Resuscitation and Emergency Care, a website tccc.org.ua (Tactical Combat Casualty Care), was developed dedicated to tactical medicine.


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What is TCCC?

TCCC is an acronym for "Tactical Combat Casualty Care" ,which translates to "Tactical Medical Care during Combat Operations." It is a system of standards and procedures for medical care designed to maximize effectiveness in combat and critical situations.

The basic principles of TCCC include early diagnosis and rapid medical care for the wounded in combat, including the use of effective methods of stopping bleeding, providing respiratory support and transporting the wounded to medical facilities.

These standards are designed for military medics, combat rescuers and other professionals who may find themselves in situations of active hostilities, and help ensure an appropriate level of medical care under conditions of stress and danger.

Project development tccc.org.ua

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